Sony distributes adapter that makes PlayStation VR equipment compatible with PS5 for free

Sony distributes adapter that makes PlayStation VR equipment compatible with PS5 for free


Shuhei Yoshida, a Sony executive, made the comments via Twitter, delighting players using PlayStation VR equipment. A new adapter is needed for PlayStation 4-compatible virtual reality equipment to be available on PlayStation 5, said Yoshida, who said this adapter will be distributed for free.

Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios number one Shuhei Yoshida has made some statements about the upcoming PlayStation 5. Yoshida's remarks via Twitter seem likely to please gamers who have PlayStation VR equipment.

Sony announced that the PlayStation 5 would support PlayStation VR equipment compatible with the PlayStation 4. In other words, players who wanted to play VR games on the next generation of game consoles would not have to spend additional money. But in order for virtual reality equipment compatible with PlayStation 4 to be available on PlayStation 5, you need to have a special adapter. Sony will offer the equipment for free to gamers who need it, according to Yoshida.

In remarks made by Yoshida, he says players can request the next generation of connectivity adapters by applying to Sony. Also, this process works quite easily.

If you want to request a free connection adapter for PlayStation 5, you must first verify your identity using the link available here, and then enter the serial number of your virtual reality equipment. After this process, you can provide your address and ensure that the adapter is delivered to you.

According to lone Yoshida, some players are having some problems with requests for free adapters. Yoshida, who stated that the system is quite intensive, recommends waiting for a while in case of problems. Yoshida also offers users an alternative, saying players can reach out to support lines in their countries and create a free adapter request.

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