This Internet Cafe In Vietnam Now Has A Different Function!

This Internet Cafe In Vietnam Now Has A Different Function!


So far we have seen many interesting developments related to Bitcoin mining. The fact that the price of Bitcoin is up to $ 50 seems to have attracted not only individual and institutional investors, but also internet cafes. Computer Star, one of Vietnam's largest internet cafe chains, also opted for a highly lucrative route during the Coronavirus outbreak.

As the pandemic affected businesses all over the world, Computer Star decided to use its GeForce RTX 3080 graphics cards for cryptocurrency mining during the coronavirus era, when it closed its doors due to quarantine. Especially in these days when Ethereum mining brings muaazam profit, GPU mining has become popular again. It has recently been revealed that a mining company has bought thousands of laptops with high-end video cards just because of this feature.

Computer Star decided to turn it into a profit because it has video cards that everyone can't find. As soon as the Coronavirus outbreak is over, the internet cafe chain will welcome customers again, and now Ethereum will be mining. Of course, mining profits in this way will not continue forever. During the bull season in 2018, miners who made serious mining investments and lost when prices fell to 3 thousand dollars are very clearly aware of this. according to its data, the fact that miners made a profit of $ 54 million on February 13 alone allows miners to take this risk. It has not yet been announced which cryptocurrencies the internet cafe giant will mine other than Ethereum. If the most lucrative choice is ETH, it can only make them content with it.

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