Microsoft announces .NET 6, which will bring all programmers under one roof

Microsoft announces .NET 6, which will bring all programmers under one roof


Microsoft has announced the latest version of its open source application development platform .NET, .NET 6. The most important feature of the platform, which will be available in a stable version in November 2021, is that it supports new technologies and cross-platforms.

US-based technology giant Microsoft launched one of the world's largest programming platforms in 2002. This platform, called" .NET", supported the development of almost all kinds of software needed in those years. As the years passed, Microsoft also developed this programming platform. A very large number of programmers continue their work today using .NET 5 .

But soon, it looks like there will be a revolutionary innovation for programmers. Because with the statements made by Microsoft, the new version called .NET 6 was officially announced . The company, which also released a preview version showing what this platform can offer for developers, has achieved its goal, which it has dreamed of for years. According to Microsoft's statements, developers will be able to use this platform for any operating system.

.NET 6 will offer cross-platform support

Microsoft's comments on the issue were made by the name Richard Lander, who heads the .NET team . Lander, who said that a desired program can be developed for a desired operating system together with .NET 6, announced that .NET 6 will offer cross-platform support with this description . According to lander, the new version will serve all developers working on desktop, mobile or cloud technologies.

Microsoft has also begun to support the latest technologies in its new programming platform. For example, developers will now be able to easily use Blazor for web-based applications in .NET 6 . Apple's next-generation Silicon processors will also be powered by .NET 6 . In this way, developers will also be able to use .NET 6 when developing software for next-generation Macs . The stable version of .NET 6, which has all these innovations, will be available to developers by November 2021 .

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