For those who miss going to the bar in the pandemic, the Bar environment brings home the website: iMissMyBar

For those who miss going to the bar in the pandemic, the Bar environment brings home the website: iMissMyBar


With the beginning of the pandemic period, all of the venues such as cafes, restaurants and bars were temporarily closed. During this period, a website was developed for those who miss the ambience of noisy places.

Being able to sit at home and spend time has become a trait that even the most extroverted person has acquired over the past year. Especially in the winter months, when the numbers increase, shops such as cafes, bars, restaurants where we can eat outside, sit down and have a drink are also unable to accept customers.

This is something that people feel is missing in Turkey as well as in the rest of the world. Turning on music at home and sitting down can't replace the ambient noise we experience when we go to a venue. A website also aims to bring the bar environment home.

That bar will come here

The project, called I Miss my Bar, aims to give users the ambience closest to a bar at home. Thanks to noisy conversations, street sounds and other sound effects, you can audibly feel like you are in a different place from your home. If you wipe the table with a detergent cloth and put a big bowl of too salty popcorn in the middle, you can even catch almost the same ambience.

Of course, you don't have to carry the bar environment as you do when you move it into your home, you carry as much as you want in your own way. Are the voices too loud? Turn down. Want to feel like you're in a different environment than usual? Change sounds and effects. The ropes are completely in your hands.

Among the sounds that we can make in the background are the sounds coming out of the cups while the bartender is working, the sounds of an explosion of corn, the sounds of putting drinks in the glass, and many different alternatives such as the sounds of rain.

The idea originated in Mexico

The start of the project was a bar called Maverick, located in San Pedro Garza Garcia, Mexico. Lagom and Tandem, two companies located in the same region, also undertook the development of the project. So the site is in the case of some kind of advertising campaign.

Music playing in the virtual space also changes almost every week. While nothing is playing except David Bowie this week, it is also possible to access the project's music and playlists via Spotify. The site of the project can be accessed by VPN from our country.

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