90 Healthy People In UK To Be Infected With Coronavirus

90 Healthy People In UK To Be Infected With Coronavirus


British scientists decided to infect 90 healthy people aged between 18 and 30 with COVID-19. This research, the first in the world within the scope of coronavirus, will allow us to understand what is happening in the body of infected individuals and to find new treatments in this direction.

Britain, which is one of the countries most affected by the Coronavirus outbreak, is starting a whole new era next week. According to statements by the "Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy" (beis),an official government agency, 90 people who will volunteer across the country will be infected with COVID-19, even on request. Although the decision taken and to apply for the coronavirus for the first time seems interesting and controversial, officials note that it has received ethical approval for the study.

The UK says people who voluntarily become infected should have no health problems and should be in the 18-to 30-year-old range. The work to ensure a better understanding of the effects of the disease on human health will play a key role in preventing the outbreak and developing new solutions, according to experts.

Similar studies have been conducted for cholera, typhoid and flu

The decision taken in England has divided the medical world in two. A group of scientists argues that this type of technique is also used with diseases such as cholera, flu, typhoid and malaria, and is extremely effective in fighting diseases. According to the other group, the 18 to 30 age range does not represent a large part of society. In addition, coronavirus already does not affect people who are healthy in this age group at a high level. According to scientists who think so, the study will do nothing but infect 90 more people.

A doctor who has made statements on this issue and is part of the team that will conduct the study Charlie Weller says infecting healthy people will be important for both vaccine studies and alternative treatment methods. A scientist who says that this study will understand very quickly what will happen in the body of an infected person, emphasizes that different vaccines can be applied to some of these people, so that you can even understand which vaccine is the most effective.

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